This is me in 1969 in Morocco , at the time nothing unusual about the dress or the parifinalia Ha Ha
I am not obsessed exactly with the Sixties ,but I do have a very soft spot for the decade, There was so much change going on . coming out of the austere 50’s us war babies had everything to play for. New interests new music new fashion and style, We were going to be released from the restrictions that our pre war parents had to endure, and release we did in spades . I am an author I have tried to describe this process in my first book DIARY OF A TEDDY BOY my auto biography. and then I have tried to take my readers back to the period in my second book BIBI in which I have fictionalised some of the sixties characters and experiences that I was lucky enough to encounter.
I have been a fly on the wall and close to some of the most iconic creative moments of the decade of which I speak. The Beatles The Stones, The kings Road, the hippie Trail in to Morocco and beyond. I also had the pleasure of working with some of these extremely talented people and through them discovered my own skills , these have served me well as now at the age of 73 I am happy to be alive and quite content with my Lot. Having survived all the extremes that the sixties seventies and eighties could throw at me .Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll a cliché that does describe our recreational preferences but the sixties was much more than that , the work had to be done the movies made the music written and performed the art created . I would love to hear from interested Bloggers on this subject , Was the sixties the best decade of the twentieth Century?
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Ten months ago my sons champion Mare “Hedonist”


Ten months ago my sons champion Mare “Hedonist” went into foal by Newmarket jewl . Hedonist has been a family member for more that five years and won the under 25 two * international event for Ireland at Tattersalls 2010 with our son Fred on board.  So for ten months Hedonist or Chuncho  as she is affectionately known has been munching on good Irish grass and lazing about with a girl friend in a County Carlow field. She was due to foal 5th of June that date came and went and there she is waddling about in the field as big as a Tanker , We go checking on her hourly . I have never been a horse daddy before , all previous experience of child birth was when Fred was born , and that was pretty stressful. Somehow this pregnancy was even worse, perhaps because I could not talk to Chuncho to ask how she was feeling like I did with my wife. Or maybe it was due to the incredible size of he belly, I was having trouble getting my head around how a little mare could have something so big going on inside her.  As the days passed I was trying desperately not to show that I was panicking , Checking on her as often as possible , To make matters worse her friend produced a lively little colt foal which was skipping around full of life and green grass energy.

Tusday morning at sunrise there in the feild is a beautifskinny little colt foal, Great panic over, or so I thought. I am new to this game , so I watched bewildered at a lovely foal who could not find where the mothers milk came from. Help was at hand the experienced Mr. Doyle and the wife fussed about, Milking the mare and trying to get the little one to suck, the hours passed. The Baby needed to feed, properly , to add to the panic Chuncho had not cast her placenta ,  The vet was called , I am now very worried , but I am assured that Boy Foals can be like this, So I look up symptoms on the internet and get even more freaked out , discovering that there is a syndrome called A Dummy Foal. . Just as I start to really panic the little sod clamps on to chuncho’s tit and glugs away like a thirsty rugby player. A few hours later The placenta has gone and our fine little colt is bouncing around the field with his mummy. If I smoked I would have given myself a cigar.  Now I can only look in awe at this two day old masterpiece of a creature , and wonder what all the fuss was about, Nature is such a wonderful thing. One Love Mim ScalaDSCF1204 DSCF1283

85.- Street Organ (organ grinder)

Keep the streets alive with music they did

1day - 1shot

2013 03 26 El organillo C

Even today it´s possible hear the notes of an street-organ and see the organ grinder playing old tunes through the Madrid streets. Sounds hidden in the deepest part of the memory.

Músicos callejeros. EL ORGANILLO
Aún es posible escuchar el sonido de un organillo y ver al organillero tocar viejas melodías por  las calles de Madrid. Sonidos escondidos en la parte más profundo de la memoria.

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Richard Hell on New Memoir: ‘I Never Really Thought of Anything I Did As ‘Punk”

Did you get one ??? check mine out Diary Of A Teddy boy good for you for putting it down, these Biographies will be social history long after we are wood pulp LOL


Originator of punk style says he’s not cool: ‘I’m a stumblebum’

Richard Hell
Richard Hell

“I wanted to have a life of adventure,” writes Richard Hell in his clear-eyed, surprisingly moving new autobiography, I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp. “I didn’t want anybody telling me what to do.” The kid from the Kentucky suburbs of the Fifties took that basic idea and helped create the punk aesthetic in New York in the early Seventies, first as a co-founder of Television and a member of the Heartbreakers and then as the leader of his short-lived band Richard Hell and the Voidoids, whose “Blank Generation” remains the unofficial anthem of the original CBGB scene.

The shorthand concept of punk may have been confirmed the day Blondie’s Chris Stein opened a magazine to a picture of the Sex Pistols, in their chopped haircuts and torn clothes, and said to Hell, “Four…

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I see there is another row brewing over a LOTO win, three members didn’t pay there dues, will they miss out?  Will the syndicate share  or stuff them Image