This is me in 1969 in Morocco , at the time nothing unusual about the dress or the parifinalia Ha Ha
I am not obsessed exactly with the Sixties ,but I do have a very soft spot for the decade, There was so much change going on . coming out of the austere 50’s us war babies had everything to play for. New interests new music new fashion and style, We were going to be released from the restrictions that our pre war parents had to endure, and release we did in spades . I am an author I have tried to describe this process in my first book DIARY OF A TEDDY BOY my auto biography. and then I have tried to take my readers back to the period in my second book BIBI in which I have fictionalised some of the sixties characters and experiences that I was lucky enough to encounter.
I have been a fly on the wall and close to some of the most iconic creative moments of the decade of which I speak. The Beatles The Stones, The kings Road, the hippie Trail in to Morocco and beyond. I also had the pleasure of working with some of these extremely talented people and through them discovered my own skills , these have served me well as now at the age of 73 I am happy to be alive and quite content with my Lot. Having survived all the extremes that the sixties seventies and eighties could throw at me .Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll a cliché that does describe our recreational preferences but the sixties was much more than that , the work had to be done the movies made the music written and performed the art created . I would love to hear from interested Bloggers on this subject , Was the sixties the best decade of the twentieth Century?
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